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This guide is for those who wish deploy and run Sigmah on their own server.

Required hardware

To run a Sigmah Server, you will need to have a machine with the following requirements:

Application type Java web application (for information: 115MB .war file)
Server type Java application server (Tomcat recommended but working also with Jetty) accepting Hibernate, or dedicated server
Database type The current version has been tested with PostGreSQL 9.2 (and higher). It is possible to configure Sigmah to work with other databases, but these have not been tested and would require some adaptation on SQL functions.
Processor 2Ghz recommended, dual-core if possible
Live memory 2GB recommended
Hard drive At least 50GB, but depends strongly on the volume of data and files stored by the user of the organization

Instructions to install Sigmah

Instructions to upgrade Sigmah database

Link to schema change log where all steps to upgrade your database are explained.

Data separation

Instructions to install Solr

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