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Welcome on the Sigmah project developers' community!


If you've opened this page, you're normally a software developer wishing to contribute to the development of Sigmah. This guide is then you're main tool to build step-by-step your capacity to work on the project.

First of all: Welcome!

The best way to start is to send an email to our "sigmah-dev" developer mailing list. All the developer community is on this mailing list, and you're invited to post any question you may have on this list.

Then, you can read step this Contributor Guide from general introduction about the humanitarian sector up to the installation of your software development environment:

  1. A comic book to get familiarized with the humanitarian sector : useful as general introduction if you're curious about the humanitarian sector
  2. Main Sigmah concepts (in User Guide) : this page is really important to read completely to be able to understand the main business concepts used in Sigmah
  3. Contribution rules Good to read all of them right now at the beginning, and come back to them later on when you will have doubts
  4. Sigmah flexibility An important page to understand the core concepts to handle the high flexibility let to users with Sigmah
  5. Build Up Environment Finally, the page explaining how to install your environment

When you will have finished to install your environment, you can take a look at the project roadmap page and pick some simple bugs to start to build your capacity to work on the project by solving simple issues. The simplest issues are marked with the tag “LowHangingFruits”, and here is the full list of them: LowHangingFruits. If you don't know which issue you should pick up, please feel free to ask on the sigmah-dev mailing list.

And very important: please feel free to ask questions to the mailing list anytime you have one! :) There are no stupid questions, only people stupid enough not to ask them. :)

Welcome once again and looking forward to your first message on sigmah-dev!

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